• Destructive pitting occurring along the pitch line on three active faces
  • Fractured tooth
  • Destructive pitting and heavy particle wear on active flanks
  • Pronounced smearing and scoring on rollers & particle wear along edge of brass cage

Wind Turbine Inspections

Windnostics Limited is a UK based company providing essential onshore and offshore end-of-warranty engineering support for wind farm operators and O&M engineering managers responsible for the asset management and reliability of wind turbines. Our area of expertise lies within the field of condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, fault diagnostics and root cause analysis, providing the client with realistic and practical low cost up-tower solutions. Our range of services includes:

  • End of Warranty Gearbox Inspections
  • In-Warranty Commissioning & Conformance Testing
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis and Investigation
  • Noise and Acoustic Analysis
  • Endoscope Inspections
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) Inspections
  • Oil Sample Analysis
  • Blade Inspections
  • Generator Rotor Bar & Stator Condition Testing
  • Infrared Thermography & Temperature Measurement
  • SCADA Condition Monitoring Data Interpretation
  • CMS System & Accelerometer Integrity Checks
  • Tower Lean & Structural Integrity Testing
  • Resonance Tests & Passive / Active Isolation
  • Natural Frequency Testing
  • Modal and Operation Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis 
  • Field Balancing and Alignment


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Preventative Maintenance

In order to prevent wind turbines experiencing any unplanned stoppages or extended outages due to major mechanical component failure, non-destructive preventative maintenance techniques such as vibration analysis and endoscope (borescope) inspections can be utilised to clearly identify the source of the problem that detect the very earliest signs of mechanical component wear. Committing to regular ongoing inspections enables us to monitor any further deterioration and accurately predict when component failure will occur, thereby preventing any unexpected breakdowns, unnecessary secondary damage, prolonged downtime and increased expenditure.

Independent commissioning and conformance testing prior to warranty expiration and site hand over highlights any defects prior to the end of warranty term, thereby saving additional expenditure and offsetting all rectification costs to the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

By implementing our services, we can assist wind farm owners and operators to plan, schedule and coordinate maintenance, ensuring minimum downtime with a clear and focused approach on optimising uptime of wind turbine power generation.

Client Testimonials

I can’t recommend Windnostics enough! Windnostics have been a key component in our fight to not only minimise production losses but also to reduce repair bills at overhaul. Using their state of the art monitoring equipment they have constantly provided us with early warnings when our turbine main components show increases in wear and vibration. Their detailed analysis provides us with a report that becomes a core piece in our maintenance plan. With their keen and proactive approach I look forward to working with Windnostics over the coming years. I just can’t speak highly enough of Windnostics!
S. Williams, West Region O&M Manager. EDF Energy Renewables

Typical mechanical-related issues commonly affecting Wind Turbines

Some of the common mechanically-related issues that typically plague wind turbine gearboxes, generators and blades can include:

  • High and intermediary speed shaft bearings with extensive roller and race damage (incorrect interference fit, damage incurred during installation)
  • Leaking pitch cylinders (poorly fitted or damaged seals, wear in the gearbox bore castings, internal misalignment of gears)
  • Material loss from gear flanks that pass between gears and cause tooth cracks and weakness
  • Planet bearing failure from extensive backlash (lateral loading) and under-capacity (end loading on rollers)
  • Gearbox and generator high speed shaft misalignment, brake disc wear or coupling damage
  • Incorrect oil type, contamination or inadvertent mix of synthetic and mineral oils in the gearbox
  • Inadequate or over-lubrication of generator bearings causing premature wear and failure (extreme temperatures due to increased friction of rollers)
  • Rotor blade imbalance (faulty pitch control, extensive contamination or damage to blade, bearing failure)
  • Blade bearing failure from outer race edge loading

By regularly collecting and analysing data from each turbine, Windnostics technicians can detect issues at an early stage in order to manage and minimise the risks of failure and cost per repair by providing a practical set of solutions and outline a cohesive maintenance strategy to prevent reoccurrence. The results and recommendations of the analysis are clearly documented in a well presented report. Read more...

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Email: enquiries@windnostics.com

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